"There are three things that make the Great Kate Studio stand out.  One, I felt completely comfortable in the studio.  Dennis is genuinely interested in your work and approachable in his feedback so I was able to deliver my best performance.  Two, Dennis has a great ear and really picks up on effective editing I didn't even hear until he mentioned it.  Third, he has state of the art equipment to capture your work with the most pristine recording.  It is because of The Great Kate Studio that my audio book is the best it can be."                                         - Michelle J. Kaplan, Author, and: A love story within and Founder, Burst & Fleurish www.burstandfleurish.com

"I have had the great pleasure of working with Dennis Leogrande at The Great Kate Studio for the past several years. Dennis has recorded my students and me. He is a remarkable professional. His work is always meticulous, and the professional atmosphere of the recording sessions is exceptional. Dennis also creates an atmosphere that is warm and friendly, allowing musicians to do their best work."
-Cosmo Buono, Artistic Director, Bradshaw & Buono International Piano Competition, Steinway Artist, Alexander & Buono International

"Several of my private clarinet students have accompanied me to your studio to prepare audition tapes to accompany applications for admission into college. The atmosphere that you create makes the student feel at ease and his performance less stressful. Your rapport with the student was most appreciated by both of us. Your work after we left was first rate, presenting a sonic and visual package that was also first rate. In fact, the last student you worked with is convinced the cd performance he submitted was the difference in his selection to Princeton U."
-Charles J. Tobias, Private instructor of clarinet and saxophone 

"I have had the honor and pleasure of working with Dennis Leogrande on a full-length CD, recorded and produced at The Great Kate Studio. The facility is well-appointed with good lighting, ventilation, and a superb grand piano - in short, a most comfortable and conducive environment for music-making and recording. Additionally, Dennis is a consummate musician and technician, so the process is as efficient and as "painless" as these sensitive endeavors can be. My hat's off to the Great Kate!"
-Ron Levy, Concert Pianist, collaborative pianist at Montclair State University, pianist with the Palisades Virtuosi

"Recording with Dennis tends to be much more of a friendly engagement than the typical tireless efforts of creating the perfect record in the studio. Not only is Dennis a wonderful person, but he is also a wonderful technician. I have made numerous recordings at his studio, and the finished product always comes out sounding extremely beautiful and professional. The finished product is also finished very swiftly to ensure that all deadlines are met. In short, working at the studio with Mr. Leogrande is a very enjoyable and special occasion."
-Thomas Nickell, Steinway Artist, Concert Pianist and Composer http://www.thomasnickellconcertpianist.com/

"A few years ago I decided to make my first solo project. I had already recorded with a band that I was a part of as well as done tracks on my friend’s projects and one movie sound track. I chose The Great Kate Studio because I wanted a studio where the engineer was also a musician, and I definitely made the right choice. The equipment was first class, and the patience and helpful advice I received made the whole process very pleasant and the results excellent. I will definitely be using The Great Kate Studio for my next project."
-Larry Mandon, Professional Guitarist specializing in Finger Style, Blues, and Bluegrass; Teacher\

"My students were very pleased with their recording experience at The Great Kate Studio. They felt at ease in the relaxing atmosphere of the studio and working with Mr. Leogrande, a friendly, competent, and accommodating recording technician. All of this made my students as well as their parents very happy. I highly recommend The Great Kate Studio for high quality, professional recordings needed for auditions, competitions, and college portfolios. These recordings make thoughtful gifts for relatives and friends; most important of all, they provide remembrances of cherished performances, always at your finger tips for your listening pleasure."
-Dona Paventa, Private Piano Teacher

“I was a relative newcomer to storytelling when I met Dennis Leogrande, but what I lacked in experience I felt I made up for in the love of the stories I’d discovered while traveling in Italy, and the joy of being able to translate the haunting, lighthearted, touching and folksy elements in Gianni Rodari’s stories, few of which had been translated into English. In other words, what I lacked in storytelling experience I made up for in enthusiasm. And love. Lucky for me, I met Dennis. What a joy to work with him! And how his encouragement, his timing, his coaching and technical skills brought out the best in me. I took a giant step in storytelling thanks to Dennis, to the point where the highly respected School Library Journal commented “Libster makes each character unique with his deep, velvety, expressive voice. These whimsical tales can be enjoyed by the entire family.” I owe a debt of gratitude to Dennis’s guidance and audio engineering skills for creating a CD worthy of such comments. Even though Seven Stories of Gianni Rodari never made the top 40, more than a few children and their parents personally thanked me for the CD, and I personally thank Dennis for making this recording, which in a real sense brought these enchanting stories to an American audience for the first time in 2002 and will play an important role in my reintroducing them in 2017. Mille grazie (a thousand thanks) to a great lion—Leogrande in Italian means “great lion”-- and a great audio engineer.”            
-Bernie Libster, Storyteller,http://www.bernielibster.com/childrens-stories

"It would be hard to find a more professional and agreeable company than The Great Kate Studio for recordings of all kinds. Whether audio, video, or voice over, classical, popular, and every genre in between, I continue to refer my clients. Dennis Leogrande puts the artists at ease and creates an atmosphere in which it is almost impossible not to turn out a product of the highest quality. Follow-up is timely and thorough, and the vast array of services offered by The Great Kate cannot be rivaled."
-Barry Alexander, Chairman & COO Alexander & Buono International, Career consulting for the classical musician, http://www.alexanderbuono.com/

"This recording got me into college."  
Dylan Lewis, Trumpet 

"My personal story of Dennis and the Great Kate Studio is now a history of nearly 15 years of music making and creative projects. Like me I’m sure, many of his clients come to him with a vision or even a dream. Dennis was able to take my dream and turn it into a first class recording with his positive and willing attitude, decades of experience as a music educator and composer, as well as state of the art equipment. As a pianist, I can say that the Yamaha was one of the most enjoyable pianos I have played, capable of producing a large palette of colors and textures. Dennis enjoys his work, which creates an encouraging working environment, and he is ready to help your vision come to life whether you are an amateur or professional musician."
-Anthony Bernarducci, PhD; Conductor; Composer http://www.anthonybernarducci.com/ 

"My son, Thomas, has been to the studio in NJ several times to record his classical music pieces. Every time, Dennis has done a wonderful job, and we could not have been happier with the final product. Dennis is very easy to work with, especially for young performers like my teenage son. We love his work so much that we asked him to film Thomas’ debut solo recital in NYC in June, 2013, and we now have a wonderful keepsake from that performance."
-Carol Nickell, Parent

"I had the opportunity to do a demo recording at The Great Kate Studios a while back. Since then, I have recommended Dennis and his facility many times. The piano is beautiful, and Dennis is a pro. He is also a wonderful musician, and I believe that makes all the difference in the world when choosing where to record. I like the fact that my quartet was all in one room, which made us feel as if we were playing in a club and helped us get a great "feel."
-Dean Tomanelli, Pianist/ Bandleader

"My recording session at The Great Kate Studio was the first time I had ever recorded anything, and it was an amazing experience. Dennis' patience and help throughout the session made an initially intimidating process a smooth and enjoyable experience. The final recording was better than I could have imagined; I would definitely return to The Great Kate Studio for another recording."
-Cathy Chen, Violinist

"My experience with the The Great Kate Studio was one of both comfort and professionalism. Mr. Leogrande created a homey, comfortable atmosphere so that it was easy to relax and focus on the recording. His efforts reduced much of the stress associated with the recording process. At the same time, Mr. Leogrande was extremely professional in his treatment of the recording process. The audio was seamless and of superb quality; the return time was much less than I had expected."
-Kevin Liu, Clarinetist

"I went to the recording studio with my son last October. We were very satisfied with both the equipment and the setting. The sound came off lively with rich tones. Dennis also did a professional job recording and editing. Overall, it’s a wonderful experience, and we really appreciated the help we got there."
-Leo Liu, Parent

"I always look forward to working with Dennis in his studio. Dennis’ hospitality and patience create a very friendly and calming environment, which is most appreciated by the performers. His wonderful Yamaha grand piano is a treat to play, and his attention to detail and his expertise enable him to produce high quality products. Dennis definitely goes that extra mile by offering beautifully presented snacks and memento photos of the sessions. It feels more like fun than work to be at The Great Kate Studio! I couldn’t recommend the studio more highly."
-Marcia Maull, Pianist

"I started to make recordings with Dennis for international piano competitions when I was eight years old. Dennis helped me to relax, and it was easy to make good recordings because he made the whole process fun. I am also very interested in technology. He would answer all of my questions about the equipment. Sometimes we made the best recordings on the first try. After that happened a few times, Dennis nicknamed me “one take Jasper.” Some of the recordings won medals, so it was a great experience for me. Dennis taught me all about the recording process."
-Jasper Heymann, Pianist, age 12

"Dennis guided my son Jasper through his first piano recording sessions during which he connected easily and deeply with Jasper about music and technology. Rather than being intimidated by the recording process, Jasper is excited and enthused whenever he has the opportunity to make a new recording, which I attribute to his positive experiences with Dennis."
-Andrew Heymann, Parent of Pianist Jasper Heymann

"I'm so glad I worked with The Great Kate Studio to record my college portfolio; it was an extremely comfortable setting, and the sound was incredible in the room. I somehow ended up sounding like a professional!"
-Yunhee Kang, Violinist

“Dennis Leogrande at The Great Kate Studio was a pleasure to work with. My daughter and I were on a tight time schedule and needed to complete a recording for a college deadline. Dennis was extremely gracious and very flexible in coordinating our time constraints to make it possible for us to get the recording done at the studio. As this was our first experience having a professional recording done, Dennis coordinated our schedules with that of accompanist Ron Levy and guided us to insure that the recording met the college’s specifications. I would highly recommend Dennis Leogrande and The Great Kate Studio to anyone who needs a professional recording done.”
-Evelyn Slockbower, Parent

"Recording at The Great Kate Studio was an amazing experience. Dennis was great to work with; he was incredibly helpful and patient and made the recording session enjoyable. Thank you, Dennis, for helping us in our hour of need! You and my accompanist Ron were so much fun to work with."
-Samantha Slockbower, Horn in F